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The Village of Armada will hold a public hearing on the proposed Sanitary Sewer System Improvements project for the purpose of receiving comments from interested persons.

The hearing will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, June 13, 2016 at the following location:

Village of Armada Municipal Offices

74274 Burk Street, Armada, MI 48005

The purpose of the proposed project is to rehabilitate defects in the Village of Armada’s sewers and manholes, as well as remedy deficiencies at the Waste Water Treatment Plant and the Colonial Road Pump Station.

Project construction is expected to involve: cured-in-place pipe and manhole lining, point repair and joint grouting of manholes; replacement and upgrades to equipment and systems based on existing operational and safety deficiencies at the Waste Water Treatment Plant and Colonial Road Pump Station; demolition of the existing sludge handling building and associated storage tanks, and grading and drainage improvements at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Impacts of the proposed project include: minor earth, traffic, and operational disturbances during construction; improved efficiency of treatment and mechanical systems; and reduction in emergency maintenance expenditures.

The estimated costs for proposed repairs and improvements are estimated to be $2,118,833, and will be financed with a low interest loan through the State Revolving Fund from the Michigan Department Environmental Quality. This loan will be paid back with system user fees and, a loan of that amount, could increase the Village’s sewer customers’ per gallon fee by an estimated amount of $.003/gallon, this could equate to $50.00/quarter for an average bill, which is estimated to be $350.00, but will be completely determined by homeowner usage.

Copies of the plan detailing the proposed project are available for inspection at the following location(s):

Village of Armada Municipal Offices

74274 Burk Street, Armada, MI 48005

Written comments received before the hearing record is closed on June 10, 2016, will receive responses in the final project plan. Written comments should be sent to:

Steve Clark, Sewer Commissioner

P.O. Box 903, Armada, MI 48005

Village of Armada Police Department's K9 Atos has been awarded a bullet and stab protective vests

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