Salvage Titles

A salvage title is issued for a vehicle that has become a "distressed vehicle". A vehicle becomes "distressed" when one or more major component parts (such as bumpers, fenders, transmission, engine, hood, doors, frame, tailgate, body, etc.) have been wrecked, destroyed, damaged, stolen, or are missing to the extent the total estimated damage is from 75% to less than 91% of its pre-damaged cash value. The vehicle owner's insurance company will determine the amount of damage to the vehicle. The regular title is replaced with a salvage title. 

A vehicle with a salvage title cannot be plated or used on public roads until it is recertified by a specially trained police officer and retitled. Since 1989, salvage and rebuilt titles are orange in color and list the vehicle's color and non-salvageable major component parts. 

Payment must be in check, certified check or money order.

Inspection Process:

List of Inspectors: