K9 Atos is a Sable German Shepherd.  He was born in the Czech Republic on February 20, 2011 and imported to a kennel in the United States located in Springbrook, Texas. There he received his precertification training in narcotics, tracking, and article search.  K9 Atos was purchased with funds that were privately donated to The Village of Armada K9 Foundation on March 10, 2015.  Officer Vicari hand selected K9 Atos out of several other dogs based on his working ability and demeanor.  Officer Vicari and K9 Atos were trained through the Macomb Community College Police Dog Academy.  K9 Atos is now certified with the United States Police Canine Association in obedience, article search, narcotic detection, and tracking.  He has been keeping the residents of the Village of Armada safe since May 11, 2015.  During his time in service, K9 Atos has been the recipient of several awards of excellence for his tracking and narcotic search abilities.  Atos’ current job description includes riding in a squad car while on patrol. He routinely sniffs vehicles during traffic stops to locate narcotics. Officer Vicari and K9 Atos work as a team to search vehicles when Atos alerts after detecting the odor of narcotics. Atos is often called upon to track suspects or missing persons throughout the county. Atos is very social and has enjoyed many demonstrations with local school children, public, and private groups. When K9 Atos is off-duty he enjoys the company of Officer Vicari’s Family.  He enjoys walks in the neighborhood, playing fetch with his ball, going for car rides, and swimming in the lake.  K9 Atos is a beloved member of the Armada Police Department. 

Officer Vicari and Atos recently participated in The United States Police Canine Association, Inc. competition in Grand Rapids, MI.  There were over 30 dogs from across the state of MI.  Atos won 4th place in tracking, 2nd place for team narcotics, and 3rd
place overall.

Atos with trophies